Law Enforcement

BlackDog® can quickly provide data and critical information in high-risk incidents to assist in tactical planning and scene management.

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BlackDog® can provide on-scene data via video and can be equipped to identify and assist in mitigation of hazardous materials.

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Fire & Rescue

BlackDog® can provide on-scene surveillance and data during high-risk response and rescue Operations.

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Commercial and Private Sector

BlackDog® can provide real-time surveillance and data from a variety of high-risk environments and can be equipped with specialty equipment as needed.

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About Product and Services


About Product

BlackDog ® Modular Robotics provides a durable industrial grade robot with applications for law enforcement, fire & rescue, HAZMAT, security, military and commercial organizations. A new direction for robotics; incorporating robust design and components with cutting edge machine learning operating system.


    Our concept of  MODULAR ROBOTICS is based upon easily interchangeable components which can be swapped in the field in a few minutes by you the robot user.
    Primary Modules (battery, power supply, motor drive, CPU, bogey wheels, track, drive sprocket, motors) are easily removable and replaceable; using only one wrench the robot can be completely disassembled and reassembled in a few minutes. This ability to change components with ease, ensures that our robot is always good to go..

    Auxiliary Decks  are also modular. These additional interchangeable components provide task specific functionality to the robot, and can be attached like building blocks in a few minutes. The Auxiliary Decks provide a range of expanded functions including data capture, communication and surveillance. Additional Auxiliary Decks with a new range of functions are coming soon.


    High-definition audio & visual data is transmitted from the robot over COFDM digital radio connections. The robot is capable of data sharing  using RF,IP,3/4G, Satellite and Bluetooth 4.2 connections. The robot is also able to share data with  multiple interested parties using using private cloud technology, allowing the secure exchange of real-time information.


    The robot continuously monitors the capability and condition of each attached Module.  The robot  can  predict component failure, and can guide operators through Module replacement and repair. This ability to anticipate potential issues allows a heightened level of accuracy and efficiency in our maintenance and  repair services.


    The robot base is  built on a heavy duty aluminum chassis and fitted with industrial/military grade electronic control systems. The robot can be cleaned with a standard power washer


    The robot is able to easily maneuver both  indoors and outdoors. It is built to conquer difficult terrain and environmental conditions

    • Extreme heat or cold (-30°F to 130°F)
    • Water, mud, sand, snow, rocks etc
    • Capable of climbing stairs up to 45°

    The robot base, Primary Modules and Auxiliary Decks have high specification design. The robot has intelligence, able to continually improve performance through machine learning technology. All aspects of the robot have been designed with capability to be easily upgraded for present and future tasks. We are keen to work with customers and partners to consult and design technology to be used in conjunction with our robot base, thus expanding the concept of MODULAR ROBOTICS and its applications.  We are currently working with commercial partners on research and development projects.

    About Services

    We provide engineering and technological services to customers and partners. We are currently working with partners to develop exciting new technology which can be used in conjunction with our robot base. Do you have an idea for a new application for our robot base, or for a new technological development? Please contact us and we may be able to work together.
    We also offer training and ongoing technical support to our customers.

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Build a BlackDog

Our robot is a dependable base to which can be added a variety of Auxiliary Decks; task specific interchangeable components and accessories designed specifically to meet your needs as the robot user. Our concept of MODULAR ROBOTICS encompasses both the Primary Modules (key components of the robot base) and Auxiliary Decks (task specific components chosen by the robot user). All elements of the robot are designed to be easily removed and replaced in a few minutes using one wrench. We will work in consultation with you to design and provide the building blocks to develop and get the most from your robot.

We work in consultation with law enforcement to produce task specific Auxiliary Decks for the robot to assist in critical incident management. We are always working on new ideas and striving to innovate. We will update our website as new components become available. Contact us for information about current availability.

If you have an idea or a need for a specific application, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you and explore how we can help.


BlackDog® Robotics was formed as a division of NPC Robotics with a strong desire to assist law enforcement, first responders and the military by providing a resilient and dependable modular robot. The goal: to design and develop a reliable and durable adaptable robotic tool to assist at high-risk scenes by providing planners and decisions makers with real time critical information to make optimized outcome decisions.

We’re experts in using technology and innovation to solve problems. NPC Robotics is a trusted supplier of the US Military. Our team includes experts with proven experience in robotics, mechanical, electronic and software engineering. We do what we say. We will listen to you and provide what you need to get the job done. Want to discuss an idea? Contact us.

We already work with commercial partners in design and development of new technologies, and we welcome new opportunities to explore research and development with our customers.

Why are we different?

BlackDog Robotics is a division of NPC Robotics formed 

to pursue innovation in robotics and specifically the development of MODULAR ROBOTICS systems


Law Enforcement Development


Our team includes Sergeant Wally Krueger (Retired). A highly experienced police officer with 20 years experience of using robots in bomb squad and tactical situations. Wally has guided the key areas of development of our robot and we continue to consult with him as we supply and support our customers. He has been central to our understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by law enforcement and other first responders who encounter hazardous tactical situations. Wally’s insight has helped us produce a robot that is hugely valuable and reliable resource for you the user, providing real time information in critical situations.


Guys in a Garage

Our team prides itself in remembering our roots. We work with innovation and cutting edge technology whilst maintaining a strong desire to retain the values and personal approach of a neighborhood business.


modRemove_track_00052Our concept of MODULAR ROBOTICS  is based upon easily interchangeable components which can be swapped to in the field by the operator in a few minutes. The key components (battery, electronics, motor) are easily removable and replaceable; using only 1 wrench the robot can be completely disassembled and reassembled in a few minutes. This ability to change components with ease ensures that our robot is always good to go. Click to see MODULAR ROBOTICS in action



NPC Robotics  formed its BlackDog®Robotics division  to pursue innovation in robotics and specifically the development of modular robotic systems.   NPC’s  first robot platform “Landrone” was the first iteration of the BlackDog® robot.

NPC Robotics was founded in 1983 in Mound, Minnesota (west of Minneapolis). NPC became the premier supplier of motors to the robotics hobbyists including BattleBots. In early 2000’s NPC expanded to provide motion solutions for the US Military.

Working with TARDEC (the research arm of the US Army) to design Motorized Turret and Door Assist, NPC has grown to become one of the  US Military’s most trusted suppliers of motion control technology; having supplied over 80,000 Turret Drive Systems and 3,000 Door Assists for use on military vehicles.

Combat Robotics

BattleBots 2015 TombstoneFounder and President of NPC Norm Domholt met NPC and BlackDog® Robotics Chief Technology Officer Michael Garrod in 2002 on the sets of television shows Robotica (TLC) and Robot Wars -Extreme Warriors and Robot Rebellion (BBC). The Shows featured teams of roboticists competing with their robots in challenges and robot combat. In 1983 NPC (then National Power Chair) began rebuilding motors for retailers of electric wheelchairs. The company quickly developed a reputation for design, build and repair of strong, light and inexpensive motors, parts and accessories. In 1996 the company became NPC and became the first choice of robot hobbyists An NPC sticker on a robot became a badge of honor in competitions and on television shows, including BattleBots, BattleBots IQ, Robotica, Robot Wars and RFL (Robot Fighting League). Michael Garrod went on to compete in RoboGames in San Francisco and San Mateo CA in autonomous robot categories.

Whilst Norm and Michael no longer compete, they retain their interest in combat robotics through NPC’s involvement with BattleBots 2015 (ABC) and sponsorship of the Hardcore Robotics team and their robot Tombstone.

Jack’s Pedigree

Named in honor of a much-loved canine friend, Jack the robot prototype is the final iteration in a long series of industrial grade tracked robot bases. We  have the benefit of the experience of NPC Robotics in supplying the US Military and commercial clients, the guidance of local law enforcement throughout the research and development process, and personal experience in the world of robotics. This wealth of experience and knowledge has allowed us to perfect our robot as strong, durable and dependable tactical equipment.

We recognize those who hold the great responsibility to make complex high-stake decisions in critical situations. We built Jack, the prototype BlackDog® robot to help you by providing real world data to support your decision making process. BlackDog® can help you get the job done, and provide years of trusted service.


Trade shows & Conferences – come meet us at our booth

Upcoming Events

  • Robot Day at The Works Museum

Saturday April 9 2016 9am -4pm

The Works Museum, 9740 Grand Ave S., Bloomington MN  Robot Day at The Works Museum

  • RoboBusiness

September 28-29 2016

San Jose Convention Center CA RoboBusiness

Past Events

  • Robotics Alley

December 1 – 2 2015

Come and meet Norm Domholt, Michael Garrod and other members of our team with our robots in Minneapolis MN Robotics Alley

  • National Tactical Officers Association 32nd Annual Tactical Operations Conference & Trade Show

August 30 -31 2015

Come and meet team members Wally Krueger and Sean Gannon with our robots in Salt Lake City UT          NTOA Salt Lake City

  • RoboBusiness

September 23 -24 2015

Come and meet Norm Domholt, Michael Garrod, Tyler Jacobson and other members of our team with our robots in San Jose CA       RoboBusiness San Jose