Michael Garrod

Michael Garrod worked as a robotics consultant for NPC Robotics from 2012 and joined the company in 2013 as Chief Technology Officer of NPC and BlackDog Robotics.
He met Norm Domholt (the Founder and President of NPC Robotics) when they each competed with their robots in robot combat television shows in 2002.
Having graduated in the UK with a degree in physics and electronics, Michael has since accrued almost 25 years’ experience working in Europe and the USA in technology, electronics and software; providing the foundation of his expertise in robotics

  • Design of electronics and software development for scientific instruments, automation and robotics.
  • Design and development of large scale automated manufacturing systems and robotics
  • 25 years’ experience of developing technology and software systems
  • 18 years’ experience as a systems architect, designing technology and software systems.
  • 18 years’ experience writing software control systems for autonomous robots.

Michael has responsibility for ideation and innovation of modular robotic systems, and software development for artificially intelligent robotic systems and machine learning.

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