Norm Domholt

Norm Domholt is an entrepreneur and the Founder and President of NPC Robotics and BlackDog Robotics. In 1983 Norm started National Power Chair which rebuilt and sold wheelchair motors to a national market. A reputation for producing “bullet proof” motors resulted in close affiliations with combat robot builders worldwide and numerous televised competitions. In 1997 NPC Robotics was established to better serve the needs of robot builders, but importantly also to develop new markets including the US Military. More recently, with years of proven experience in supplying robotics to the US Military, Norm’s vision of a robot to help and support law enforcement in critical situations has been realized with the formation of BlackDog Robotics. Norm is closely involved with innovation and development of the robot.
Norm is a passionate Minnesotan who loves the outdoors. He is also an accomplished musician, playing clarinet with a 70 member concert band for over 30 years.



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