Wally Krueger

Wally Krueger joined NPC Robotics as a Law Enforcement Consultant on May 1, 2014, after having retired from the Minneapolis Police Department. Wally was with the Department for 26 years; 20 of those years he served on the Bomb Squad and was Commander of the Bomb Squad for the last 9 years. As a Bomb Technician in 1994, he graduated from the FBI Hazardous Devices School. Wally was promoted to Sergeant with the Department in 1997, worked in uniform patrol, the street crimes division, SWAT, and as an arson investigator.
Wally has trained in the areas of IEDs and Advanced Disablement Techniques, Hazardous Devices, Clandestine Labs, Large Vehicle Bombs, Post Blast Investigations, Hazardous Materials, Radiological and Nuclear Threats, Suicide Bombers, Explosive Breaching, and Protective Operations. He also attended 55 bomb technician related schools and courses during his time serving on the Bomb Squad.
During his career with the Bomb Squad, Wally had 20 years of experience using robots in numerous barricaded suspect and hostage situations by assisting with explosive and robotic entries and IED related incidents.

International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
Fraternal Order of Police
National Tactical Officers Association